Back At It

Time flies doesn’t it? I ~almost can’t believe I haven’t written here since August (but I can because every time I think about writing I put it off and go back to watching Parenthood).

A number of things have contributed to me getting off-track with this blog: 

- Kyle came home in August (for a while) and I spent that time enjoying life with him

 Looking fancy at Kyle's sister's wedding in September

Looking fancy at Kyle's sister's wedding in September

- I was injured for a bit, so my motivation to talk about running was low
- I crashed and burned at the Chicago Half Marathon, which was a tad embarrassing (and I’m still recovering from the “shame”/injury)
- My brain has been avoiding putting in any sort of effort outside of my day job 

 Live look at my brain

Live look at my brain

- Kyle was deployed again and I’ve been working on being OK with that

But good things are happening, too!

- I’ve been working on building up my strength in the wake of the Chicago Half
- I’m thinking more about my future
- I’ve built up a steady side hustle walking and sitting dogs

- I got the new iPhone with Portrait mode and it’s a game-changer (and my dog parent clients love the photos I send them now)
- I’m planning to go visit Kyle sometime early next month before he (hopefully) comes home for Christmas
- I’m joining Orangetheory once a week (I knew that one free class would get me hooked)

 Hey, I came in second in the class!

Hey, I came in second in the class!

The little things, right?

Life can seem overwhelming at times, which is why this blog has sometimes fallen by the wayside. But I really want to view it as a place where I go when everything else is coming at me. Too often I throw off the things I enjoy when I’m dealing with things that I don’t. I want to make a concerted effort to actually stick with those things when everything else is going wrong.

So hopefully I’ll be back in full force soon. I still haven’t lost interest in the things that this blog is primarily about, and I can’t wait to get back to discussing them soon.

Heck, I may even (finally!) talk about that half marathon.

Stay tuned.